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FAQ | The Ultimate Dining Card


What is The Ultimate Dining Card Gift Card?

The Ultimate Dining Card is a multi-brand gift card redeemable at all 10+ of Recipe's restaurants. It is a convenient Gift Card that is easy to purchase, redeem and reload.

Where can I use The Ultimate Dining Card

The Ultimate Dining Card can be used at any Montana’s BBQ & Bar®, Swiss Chalet®, Harvey’s®, Kelseys®, Bier Markt®, East Side Mario’s®, The Burger's Priest®, The Landing Group®, New York Fries®, Original Joe’s, State & Main, Elephant & Castle, The Pickle Barrel® restaurants in Canada. To find a restaurant near you, please visit the following restaurant websites:

How do I use The Ultimate Dining Card Gift Card?

Each time you use The Ultimate Dining Card, the amount of your purchase will be deducted from the balance remaining. For reloadable cards, if there is a balance remaining on The Ultimate Dining Card, it will be returned to you with a receipt showing your new balance, ready for your next visit. The Ultimate Dining Card can be used in any participating restaurant dining room, where applicable, and when you order online at Swiss Chalet, swisschalet.com, Montana's, montanas.ca and East Side Mario’s, eastsidemarios.com. At this time, the Ultimate Dining Gift Card is not redeemable as a payment option for 3rd party delivery service providers ie. Uber Eats, Skip the Dishes, Door Dash.

How can I purchase The Ultimate Dining Card?

There are 3 ways to purchase The Ultimate Dining Card.

1.    Visit any participating restaurant locations and ask an associate for a Gift Card.

2.    Visit select mass merchants, drug, grocery, convenience and gas retailers across the country

3.    Purchase The Ultimate Dining Card online at theultimatediningcard.ca

Does The Ultimate Dining Card expire?

No. The Ultimate Dining Card never expires.

Are there any hidden charges or extra fees?

No. There are no fees or charges associated with The Ultimate Dining Card.

Are The Ultimate Dining Cards reloadable?

The Ultimate Dining Cards are reloadable at any participating restaurant locations as well as online at www.theultimatediningcard.ca

How does reloading work?

Reloading works just like purchasing a new Gift Card, except that any balance you had remaining on the Card will be added to the new amount loaded, and the new balance will be the combined total. You can also reload your Ultimate Dining Card online.

What happens if I don’t have enough money on my gift card to pay for my meal?

The amount on your Ultimate Dining Card can be put towards your purchase, and then the remaining balance may be paid by cash, Visa, MasterCard or debit (where accepted).

What happens if my meal doesn’t add up to the amount that is on my Ultimate Dining Card?

The amount of your purchase will be deducted from the balance on your Ultimate Dining Card and the card will be returned to you with a receipt showing your new balance so you can use it again next time.

What happens if I forget my Gift Card’s balance?

Any Recipe restaurant associate can check your balance in any restaurant. You can also check your balance online at theultimatediningcard.ca

Can I purchase large quantities of Gift Cards for my company or group?

Yes you can! See the Bulk Orders section of this website for more details. Or e-mail us at corders@recipeunlimited.com

Why do I need a PIN?

Your PIN is your unique 4-digit number inputted on all transactions. This PIN protects you from Gift Card misuse or unauthorized balance redemption.

How do I register my Gift Card? Why is it important?

We recommend that all Ultimate Dining Gift Card holders register their Gift Card on our website. Registering your Gift Card is a way to protect your balance and keep track of your Gift Card. To register your Gift Card, please visit create an account. You will need a PIN to register your Gift Card. If your Gift Card does not have a PIN please contact udc@recipeunlimited.com and one will be provided to you.

Can I purchase large quanities of Gift Cards for my company or group?
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