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FAQ - Bulk Order Sales

Do you offer discounts on orders placed through the Bulk Orders Program?

We offer a tiered discount program to customers which provides you with a discount between 1% to 5% based on overall annual spend.

What are the shipping timelines?

  • a. Physical Cards: 2-3 business days*
  • b. eCards: Within minutes of payment

*times may vary or be extended during peak holiday season

What form of payment do you accept?

Visa, Amex, MasterCard or EFT*
*Please contact udc@recipeunlimited.com for more information on EFT

Do I need to provide you with a list of email addresses to send out the digital cards?

The choice is yours, you can request a file of codes for your own distribution or you can upload a distribution file to same day distribution when you complete your order

How to contact/ hours of operation

Should you have any questions, please email udc@recipeunlimited.com and a representative will reach out within 24 business hours

Can I reload gift cards?

Yes. The recipient is able to reload their gift card once received by visiting: ultimatediningcard.cashstar.com/reload/

Do you have any protection for the gift cards purchased?

Yes. If the recipient registers their card, we are able to help the user in the event there is an error with their card.

What if I do not meet the 25 card threshold, can I still buy gift cards?

Of course, visit our consumer website here to place your order theultimatediningcard.ca/udc/

Does the recipient need to register their gift card?

While not required, it's highly recommended the recipient registers their gift card, this will allow our team to provide the best service in protecting your card and balance

Who do I reach out to if there is an issue with my card?

In the event there is an issue with a recipients card, our customer service team will be able to help you once the form has been completed: theultimatediningcard.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

Where can I go to check the balance on my gift card?